- Our Story -

Christine's passion for food and entertaining people has a lot to do for why she is in the food service industry today. Coming from a big family, they've held so many parties for different occasions. When she arrived here in the US almost two decades ago, she honed in on her cooking skills, since no one was around to do the cooking. She would always try new recipes and invite friends over to taste her new creations. It gave her satisfaction when friends would rave on how good her food tasted. With a passion for cooking, the knowledge to run a business and the support of friends who are willing and would-be paying customers, why not open a restaurant? That's when she opened her first restaurant in the North Park neighborhood in Chicago. She opened it back in March 2013. It was a hectic 5 years catering to the distinct taste of her "kababayans" (townmates).  Even though the restaurant was doing well, and continues to do so, she has always had this dream of someday opening a Filipino restaurant in the downtown area, one that will not only cater to Filipinos, but to the diverse groups of people in Chicagoland. This was when Kubo was born.


Bahay Kubo (Nipa Hut) or simply "Kubo", is a traditional Filipino dwelling place made of genuine green materials, such as nipa leaves for the roof and split bamboo for the wall and floor.  It is considered as a cultural heritage, a symbol of togetherness. It is distinctly Filipino. Wherever you are in the world and when you see or hear the word "Kubo", for those who know, they will always associate it with the Philippines.


"Kubo", as the restaurant was named, was to give everyone a heads up or an idea that it is a Filipino restaurant. The word is short and easy to remember. It is also hardly a tongue twister, unlike most Filipino words, which are hard to enunciate. The restaurant offers a variety of Filipino cuisine, with a twist, to sit well with those yet unfamiliar with Filipino cuisine.


Business partners, Christine and Cemal, have an extensive experience in the restaurant business. Aside from Christine’s experience in business and restaurant, Cemal equally has his share of expertise. He is an expert mixologist, who started working in a hotel back in his native country of Turkey, until he moved to Florida in 2008. He continued to work in the hotel industry, and eased into the restaurant business a few years later.  In 2010, he moved to Chicago and started working in the Boystown neighborhood starting from the bottom and moved up to become one of the best bartenders and mixologists around.   


Located in Lakeview, the place is perfect for pre and/or post theatre dining being located in the vicinity of two theatres, Theatre Witt and Stage 773.


Kubo has a pet friendly area ideal for diners who have their family pets tagging along.

Eating is what I love the most...

Sharing my passion in cooking through my restaurant is an achievement and a fulfillment...  

* * *