Kamayan "Boodle Dining"
While most Filipinos today eat using a spoon and fork, the traditional way of eating is kamayan, or “with hands.” ... The term kamayan can be used to describe the act of eating by hand, but a traditional kamayan meal is a feast served family style, usually over banana leaves. 
What's in the Menu
Fried Pampano
Salt and Pepper Shrimp
Baked Mussels
Longganisa (Filipino Sausage)
Pork Adobo Ribs
Sweetie Pork on a stick
Crispy Chicken Inasal (Strips)
Chicken Eggroll
Toyo or Dried Fish
Mango, Tomato and Onions 
Green Veggies
Tuna Ceviche
Garlic Rice
Fruit Basket
$49 per person minimum of 3 guest
Because of Pandemic, we are not serving  Kamayan currently. Check out our Regular Menu!