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Kamayan "Boodle Dining"

While most Filipinos today eat using a spoon and fork, the traditional way of eating is kamayan, or “with hands.” ... The term kamayan can be used to describe the act of eating by hand, but a traditional kamayan meal is a feast served family style, usually over banana leaves. 

What's in the Menu

Fried Pampano

Salt and Pepper Shrimp

Baked Mussels

Longganisa (Filipino Sausage)

Pork Adobo Ribs

Sweetie Pork on a stick

Crispy Chicken Inasal (Strips)

Chicken Eggroll

Toyo or Dried Fish

Mango, Tomato and Onions 

Green Veggies

Tuna Ceviche


Garlic Rice

Fruit Basket


Requires 24 hours in Advance  Reservations to secure seating

773-857-1408 or 708-431-4512